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About the Building

Reynolds Hall will be part of a new complex that sits on an iconic, riverfront site on the Downtown area of campus, with views of the Monongahela River to the east and the campus to the west. The centralized site is highly connected, including direct access to the campus and PRT, as well as from Beechurst Avenue. Within the walls of Reynolds Hall, students will connect to real world experience through outreach centers. The overall learning environment is meant to reflect the modern workplace in which students will soon find themselves. The complex will attract student activity from other parts of Downtown with many new offerings, such as a new dining facility, and unparalleled river access and views. The buildings and the site combine to become a highly active anchor on the campus edge. When seen from afar, the complex will convey the energy and forward thinking of the business school, sending an immediate message to visitors and alumni that something different is happening at WVU. The complex will serve as a catalyst for future campus development along the river.

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Student Experience

The foundational building blocks for great students and a great business school include academic excellence and learning by doing; critical influences outside the classroom include:

  • Academic engagement Success Center
  • Center for Executive Education
  • Center for Career Development
  • Distinguished Speaker Series
  • Internships
  • Robbins Center for Global Business Strategy
  • Many more will come with the inspiration of our new space

Technology & Innovation

Advanced learning platforms create advanced learning environments. Technology will play a major role in the development of Reynolds Hall – from computer-equipped, group learning classrooms to videoconferencing screens connecting students to collaborating schools on the WVU campus or partnering universities and companies around the world.


New ventures, startup companies and a connected, entrepreneurial network would spur unprecedented, innovative activity across campus. Providing students with the facilities and tools to cultivate their entrepreneurship minds will breed uncommon results. By utilizing unconventional classrooms, incubators and accelerators completed by instructional pods and group learning and meeting rooms, we can provide critical settings for expansion of entrepreneurship education and projects.


Reynolds Hall will spur growth on a number of fronts. With space to grow enrollment, the tools to encourage personal growth, the amenities to prompt growth for faculty, staff and members of the community, and the elements for community growth within the City of Morgantown.

Corporate Sponsorships

Outreach to and engagement with the WVU and business college alumni bases will be essential, as will strategic corporate partnerships. Reynolds Hall will provide opportunities for monetary investment as well as time and talent. Underwriting of facilities and programs in advanced facilities would create an event more vibrant educational setting.


Reynolds Hall would represent opportunities for the business school to be more global. With advanced tools and environments that will capture future learning concepts for students, the connection to the world business community will be at our fingertips.   Our students will be even more competitive in the market after having been exposed to a myriad of learning by doing and practice opportunities. Providing the transformational   component in order to meet the needs of employers around the world will produce a robust pipeline of job-ready students from the Chambers College of Business and Economics.

Thought Leaders

Our reputation for research, for doing things differently and for our programmatic strength will establish true thought leaders. With WVU’s designation as one of only 115 R1 universities nationally, designating the highest research activity, we can further attract students with research opportunities. Students will benefit from faculty mentors who are research partners, and who are contributors to the student experience. As thought leaders and creators of valuable research, these upgraded facilities will enable us to have widespread impact. As a result, Chambers College will be regarded as a valuable resource in the business arena.


Classrooms, a shared atrium and other amenities at Reynolds Hall will breed collaboration where it is appropriate among students, faculty and staff. This concept will also be evident in our relationships with groups such as those across the WVU campus, industry, the City of Morgantown, our state, and national and international partners. The setting will also create new collaborative opportunities where our resources once limited such possibilities, such collaboration with industry to ensure that our students will succeed in the real world.


By seizing upon our existing strengths and creating a business school with environments to capitalize on the talents and skills of our students, as well as faculty, research and learning opportunities, we can open more doors than we ever thought possible. Progress demands innovation, and the emerging vision for Reynolds Hall is a thriving one that realizes unprecedented and widespread impact. The John Chambers College of Business and Economics has this unique transformational opportunity to take the business lead in the state of West Virginia to forge and develop a flourishing and blossoming environment with strong communities, meaningful and diverse employment, and an attractive setting where people of all ages can realize fulfilling and vibrant lives.